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Types Of Spiritual Guidance


Psychic Readings





Psychic Readings

Psychic readings are best for first timers and souls that have never had a psychic reading before. These readings can help with most of life’s troubles like love life and relationships, career choices and guidance through difficult times.

Psychic readers commonly go by the name “energy readers” and they can read the energies from another realm. This realm is higher up, at the soul level. Through these energies the are able to decode what is going on in your life and any person you ask about as well.

They are able to pick up on why someone feels the things that they do and the difficulty that they might be having with making a decision. When looking for a psychic to help you, make sure to ask questions like, "What advice can you give me on how to improve my marriage?" or "What kind of gift could you give me to better prepare me for my job" ?

For best results from your reading, the trick is to get a good psychic reader to say how you are feeling and what your energy field is like.

Tarot Readings

Tarot card readings are your doorway to your inner soul, into the subconscious mind that is obscured by daily thoughts and thinking. With a trust psychic to guide the way, a tarot card reading will provide insight into your own soul and unlock thoughts that are there but so hard to find.

A tarot card reading can provide unrivaled clarity about who you are, how you truly perceive things and where you can alter your path to be truly happy.

Tarot is excellent for every aspect of self-development. It is ideal for making decisions, manifesting ambitions, coaching people, and preparing a company or writing a novel.

Tarot is a book of stories intended to exemplify the perspective of a person's life and thus explain his or her feelings.

If you are able to look, there is a moral message completely everywhere in the seventy-eight Tarot cards. When consulting Tarot, we will be shown the exact lessons we need to learn and master, so that we can live an inspired life. It can feel like being able to open a mirror to get what you need from your subconscious mind. Tarot is a useful instrument that helps one to tap into the knowledge that lives inside us all.

A deck of 78 cards are used, each of which holds its own imagery, symbolism and plot. The 22 Major Arcana cards depict karmic and moral lessons that occur in our everyday lives while the 56 Minor Arcana cards reflect troubles that one may run into in daily life.

Within the "Minor Arcana" game, there are 16 Tarot cards, which is a person's personality characteristic; each represents a different personality characteristic. Each personality characteristic can be displayed at different times. Also known as "The Minor Arcana", these cards also have 40 numbered cards grouped into 4 suits that represent different circumstances that we experience during our day.


Numerology is the belief that the world is a structure and if you strip it down to the fundamental components, you will be left only with numbers. The knowledge in this research can be used to help develop our understanding of ourselves and the world around us.

A numerologist (an individual who is able to take several aspects of a patient and break them down into meaningful numbers by different methods) is able to often predict a person's possible future events.

These statistics will then be used to allow one to truly grasp the universe and ourselves as people where you can find insights regarding your meaning and personality characteristics by finding out items like your life journey amount,  expression number and hearts wish number among many others.

The most significant number in Numerology is, you guessed it, the life path number. It lets you consider the possibility of what direction your life might follow. It must act as a description of who you are at your heart, or as a reflection of who you might be. An opportunity to you will be illustrated along with any difficulties you may have in coping with the opportunity and benefiting from any experiences you may encounter along the way.


Astrology, simply means the “language" of the stars" and it's the study of how the energies of the Sun, Moon and Planets affect our daily lives

The term astrology is derived from the Greek terms astron meaning ‘star' and logos which means ‘word'.

Astrology implies that the rules the world works under often work in humanity's daily existence. And if we are a member of the world, we are not separate from the universe. The fundamental forces are what keep us alive, and we must all work the same way that these energies work. That is an astrological principle,  if we invest any time gazing upwards to the stars,  we would have more knowledge of the way we are. 

Astrology is entwined with past-life encounters and astronomy.. Astrology will provide an introduction to one's life intent, one's ascension path, direction of one's spirit and also offer great clarification on all matters of marriage, family, wellbeing, job, college and finance and of course spirit.

It empowers people by making them see their innate talents and potentials and recognizes that they will bring strength to them by it.

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