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The world has fallen into a spiritual crisis like none other.

Our souls are getting crushed by increased levels of uncertainty brought on by every aspect of life - both within our own circles and those of the world.

Civil unrest, global pandemics, an economy teetering on a great depression with no end in sight. People are showing the strain and reflecting it on those around them.

  • How do you find love in such a world?
  • How can you secure a future that isn't as dark as it is now?

Dear follower of the light, you have just made the first step towards answering those questions. Let our Houston, TX psychics guide the way...

Arcadia's Vision - Psychic Readings

Arcadia's Vision - Your trusted  Houston psychic guides in a clouded world.

Our mission is simple:

To guide seekers of truth towards those that can provide enlightenment through a psychic reading service.

Each seeker has unique needs and so we point the way towards everything the psychic world offers. From mediums, tarot card readers and of course, clairvoyant psychic readers.

Whether you seek guidance about your love life, whether a move is required to provide financial gain in the form of a new job or to speak to a loved one that has moved on, your needs are tended to.

Houston, TX Psychic Readings Can Help With:

  • Love
  • Relationship Advice
  • Career
  • Family & Friends
  • Dream Analysis
  • Important Life Decisions
  • Providing Closure To Traumatic Events

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All the readings provided are online and available 24/7. Be it either through skype or facetime, via email, readings by phone, online chat reading or even Zoom, our psychics friends are always online and ready to help you.

What Is An Online Psychic Reading?

A real online psychic reading is when a person's energy is getting tapped into by someone gifted with psychic powers.

Houston Psychics provide online services through phone, messenger/chat, or video to help you get answers to questions that you desire to have answered.

This psychic energy is present in all of us and a psychic can learn about a person's history, present and future through them.

There is a lot of ambiguity into what a real psychic reading is exactly, but keep reading as we clear the air and show you what an online psychic reading entails.

What is an online psychic reading?

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a Cold Psychic Reading?

You may have heard the term "cold reading in psychic reading?" Do you know what it means?

The cold reading means that the psychic does not rely on prior experience with the customer. So don't worry whether you are starting out with a new psychic reader or have never done one before, there are psychics that are particularly attuned to providing cold readings.

The psychic does this by concentrating on the client's actions and attributes over a set of judgments that are solely based on inference.

What Is A Psychic Energy Reading?

What is a psychic energy reading is a common question we get asked and we're sure you have pondered that question yourself a few times. 

The world of science quantifies energy in the unit of joules but psychic energy is a whole different world with a different set of rules (or lack thereof!)

Psychic energy is not something you can see but is a vital part of a successful psychic reading. Contrary to popular belief, a psychic does not dive into your mind and read your thoughts. 

Instead, they lock on and track your energy/aura that radiates from you. This allows them to see what is missing, weakened or blocked due to restrictions or limitations.

What's The Difference Between Reading The Tarot and Reading The Psychic-Tarot?

A Tarot reading helps the psychic learn about their client through the help of special (you can call them magical if you wish) cards. These are known as Tarot Cards.

The main difference between reading the tarot and reading it with psychic abilities is that whilst anyone can do a Tarot reading with training into their meaning, a psychic can read meanings from that card that relate to the client receiving the meaning.

A Tarot reading will include a deck of 78 cards that cover the main aspects of human life and interaction. Everything from spiritual, mental, intellectual and physical facets are covered by the tarot card deck.

There are 56 cards that are further divided into suites. These suites are:

  • Cups
  • Wands
  • Swords
  • Pentacles

These cards support the major cards and help convey a message when used together. Readings from a psychic tarot card reader can reveal current, future and past predictions.

Houston, TX

Houston is a large metropolis in Texas, extending to Galveston Bay. It’s closely linked with the Space Center Houston, the coastal visitor center at NASA’s astronaut training and flight control complex. The city’s relatively compact Downtown includes the Theater District, home to the renowned Houston Grand Opera, and the Historic District, with 19th-century architecture and upscale restaurants.

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More Information About Houston, TX

Houston is the most populated city in the U.S. state of Texas, fourth-most populous city in the United States, most populous city in the Southern United States, as well as the sixth-most populous in North America, with an estimated 2019 population of 2,320,268. Houston, Texas, is situated in Southeast Texas between Galveston Bay and the Gulf of Mexico and is the seat of Harris County and the principal city of the greater Houston metropolitan area. Houston, with a population of over 7 million, is the second-most populous city in Texas and the most populous city in the Southern United States. Houston experienced one of the largest reverse migrations in the history of the United States during the 1960s and 1970s. The city gained 6.5 million inhabitants due to migration, globalization of the economy, abandonment of older industrial areas to provide housing for families and black Americans moving from the South to the Northeast to escape the political climate there. Houston currently holds the record for losing a generation (freestone coastlines, the Jones Act, urban sprawl and the death of many water sports such as salt crusting) and currently has the lowest areas of occupation for the third largest generation for each age group. Houston is a very significant city in the Texas Triangle, as is Dallas, Austin, and San Antonio.


Composing a total area of 637.4 square miles (1,651 km2), Houston is the eighth-most expansive city in the United States (including consolidated city-counties). It is the largest city in the United States by total area, and the government, while still unincorporated, is at least comparable in size to other surrounding cities. Though the majority of Harris County pretty much covers the southern portion of the Houston area, the small portions of the area are directly adjacent to other communities of the Greater Houston-Galleria area, such as The Woodlands and Sugar Land.


On August 30, 1836, the city of Houston was established at the confluence of Buffalo Bayou and White Oak Bayou as a settlement, on June dates, 1837, following the passage of Act of Congress 5, a city was created and called to conform with the original charter. J.R. came up with the name for the town, which was originally called "Allen's Landing." After General James Pinckney Allen, leader of the volunteers, was killed during the war, his body was brought to this town for burial after he died of the fighting wound. Houston increased in importance in the late 1830s when it served as capital of the Texas Republic. However, it continued to expand in the 1850s as more settlements were made.


The 20th century saw a convergence of economic factors that led to rapid growth in Houston. The key factors that contributed to these growths were the rise in the shipping rates in the Port of Houston and the creation of the Houston Ship Channel. The oil industry further contributed to these growths by raising the demand for the transportation of goods. In the mid-20th century, Houston's economy diversified, as it became home to the Texas Medical Center—the world's largest concentration of healthcare and research institutions—and NASA's Johnson Space Center, where the Mission Control Center is located.


The Houston economy has a wide mix of diverse industries. In the past, it has been focused heavily in energy, manufacturing, aeronautics, and transportation. Leading in healthcare sectors and constructing oilfield machinery, Houston has the second-most Fortune 500 headquarters of any U.S. municipality within its city limits (after New York City). The Port of Houston ranks first in the world in sheer tonnage handled. It also ranks second in total tonnage handled both on land and at sea 


In a location known as the Bayou City, Space City, H-Town, and the 713, Houston has grown to be a world city, with strengths in community, medicine, and science. The city is a place with a lot of different ethnicities and religious backgrounds, and it is also growing in popularity with an international audience. Houston is the most diverse metropolitan area in Texas. It has been described as the most heavily petrochemical and energy oriented of major cities in the United States. It is the home of many cultural institutions and exhibits which draws more than 7 million visitors per year to the Museum District. The Monroe Arts Center is a wonderful neighborhood location informing how nineteen other museums run across the city. Houston has an active visual & performing arts scene down in the Theater district and provides year-round resident companies in all major performing arts.


Houston, Texas, which is also called Space City is home to NASA's astronaut training and flight control complex, its buzzing Historic District full of 19th Century architecture and upscale restaurants, and several world-class museums and art spaces, to boot. The Texas metropolis is able to preserve its local environment year-round, ensuring that outdoor movie screenings and strolls through the Buffalo Bayou are possible in any time of the year. If you stop by to explore the area, you may discover something new, to entertain you, and also the natives.

Attractions In Houston, TX

Visit the Downtown Aquarium to see sharks

There are among hundreds of species of marine life, and you can also dine alongside a 150,000-gallon tank at the Downtown Aquarium. Yeah, this is ideal as a family holiday spot. Both the stingrays and the Shark Voyage, which is an underwater roller coaster, can be explored by the family privately while also taking part in other family fun activities.

Catch A Game

When it comes to sports, Texas is one of the best in the world. Although Dallas might not be able to equate favorably to Houston in terms of being as sports-centric, it is still very much a 'sports area'. Minute Maid Park is the home of the Houston Astros and is a league-owned stadium which also hosts baseball activities throughout the season. There are other times of year when you can catch the Rockets playing basketball at the Toyota Arena, the Texans and Astros playing football at NRG Stadium, or the women's soccer teams, Dynamo and Dash, playing at BBVA Stadium.

Tour 19th street in the Heights

The popular 19th Street, a street in The Heights, is an eclectic strip perfect for thrift-store visiting and eating at restaurants. Let your eyes and feet take you on a walk through the Art Deco era that have many buildings with unique artisan designed interior designs and a plethora of antiques and vintage fashion. The local district is an arts and culture center for the city, with weekly activities all year long including Third Thursdays Sip & Socials. 

Enjoy the vibrant music scene inside Downtown Ann Arbor

Austin is not unique in the sense that it has a vibrant music scene. Houston has a number of popular concert halls, some of which are large enough to host international events, while others are tiny and are under the radar. When major events come to town, be sure to review schedules at the nearby locations, such as the Bayou Music Center (formerly the Revention Music Center), the Smart Financial Centre at Sugar Land, or the House of Blues downtown. But for anything more intimate, don't miss any of the live music venues that you can get to, like Satellite Bar or The Heights.

Cool off during the summer with some outdoor movies

Not all temperatures are equal. Our high at least gets to 70 degrees, which makes Houston the nation's 26th largest city by metro population. The green spaces surrounding the city, including Discovery Green, Market Square Park, Sugar Land Town Square, and the Lawn at Memorial City, allow if not inspire outdoor blockbusters to continue to emanate from the big screens no matter what the weather. A more upscale, date night-worthy experience can be had by visiting the Houston Rooftop Cinema Club. Tickets include food and drink from the club, a bottle of wine, and the movie theater.

Tour the Johnson Space Center in Houston

The Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center, or JSC, is located in Southeast Houston, near to the city's Garrett International Airport. Covering about 100 facilities, it is home to the NASA astronaut corps. You can also visit the SkyRooms, which is called a zero gravity experience. You can also visit a Live in Space show, which is like a regular museum, except it's in space! And then there's a simulated version of a rocket launch to take place.

Go to the Houston Zoo

Animals at the Houston Zoo shelter a significant amount of different animals, certainly making it one of the most visited zoos in the world. Spend the day under the vast and up to date gardens, or get more hands-on by booking a guided tour—experiences can vary from feeding a giraffe, a lion, or a peacock to shadowing a staff veterinarian for an entire day.

Do some strolling in the museum district

The Houston Museum District is where a variety of museums, galleries, and cultural centers are packed into a mile-and-a-half radius of Hermann Park. The Art Museum in New York City, which also boasts a Bayou Bend Collection, doesn't have an original exhibit, but Houston's Museum of Fine Arts, the world's largest, has a collection of 60,000 items and houses the 4D theater. Houston has several other attractions, as well as the Holocaust Museum, Houston Center for Photography, and the Lawndale Art Center.

Have an awesome day at the Kemah Boardwalk

This city-owned tourist attraction spans 60 acres on the Texas Gulf Coast waterfront, and has developed from a dining destination into Houston's largest theme park, featuring a Ferris wheel, train, and carousel (all available for rides and individually priced). The Sands Expo & Convention Center is filled with casinos, hotels and restaurants like Landry's Seafood House and Saltgrass Steakhouse, making for a fail-proof family outing just 30 miles from downtown.

While walking around town, get some great nostalgia

Due in large part to the many different classes of people and factors, Houston's Montrose has become an amazing, diverse, hub for all sorts of activities. The street finds renovated mansions and old bungalows, well-kept streets, a shopping center, and antique shops, all of which draw visitors to the area. On your way to this bar, stop by to grab a cold beer and a sandwich. According to a few sources, there may be a comedy show at one of the other bars in this area.

Enjoy a Tasty Tex-Mex meal

We all know the invention of the fajita, however, Houston has perfected the art of creating fajitas. In terms of the vast amount of Mexican-inspired food establishments in Austin, Texas, it definitely has no shortage. Check out the Original Ninfa's on Navigation—a hotspot for fajitas since the early '70s—for a lesson on the area's culinary past, or El Tiempo Cantina, the franchise launched by Mama Ninfa's own grandchildren, for a sprawling set of quesos. And don't forget to taste any of the breakfast tacos when you are in Houston. They are a Houston specialty.

Do a leisurely bike ride down Buffalo Bayou

The Buffalo Bayou is a natural river in Houston which runs through the town from just outside of the 610 Loop all the way to the heart of the city, and can be seen from some spectacular views of the downtown skyline. Why do you not have a bike?. You can get a bicycle in the city's bike-share network rented for you. There are docking stations on the trail at Jackson Hill and Memorial Drive and on the Bay near the Sabine Bridge. Go to Discovery Green for adventure.

While Houston's rail system is mainly one and all concrete and glass, the city of Houston also has a pretty part of town that is a part of the city's overall and sometimes underestimated position in the economic and cultural life of the country. It holds a wide range of events, including almost all kinds of common sports activities and the like. While it might seem like it is a small park, the many trees and gardens make it a special place that needs to be visited.

Shopping in the mall is a good idea

The Galleria Houston, also referred to as the Galleria Houston, is one of many upscale shopping malls that is located just outside the 610 loop in Houston's Uptown Neighborhood. The shopping center consists of such superstars as Macy's, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, and Saks Fifth Avenue, and the center is located in an area of very high-end retailers such as Tiffany and other luxury brands. The e-cigarette is ideal for making the summertime a lot easier to run in.

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