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The world has fallen into a spiritual crisis like none other.

Our souls are getting crushed by increased levels of uncertainty brought on by every aspect of life - both within our own circles and those of the world.

Civil unrest, global pandemics, an economy teetering on a great depression with no end in sight. People are showing the strain and reflecting it on those around them.

  • How do you find love in such a world?
  • How can you secure a future that isn't as dark as it is now?

Dear follower of the light, you have just made the first step towards answering those questions. Let our Dallas, TX psychics guide the way...

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Arcadia's Vision - Your trusted  Dallas psychic guides in a clouded world.

Our mission is simple:

To guide seekers of truth towards those that can provide enlightenment through a psychic reading service.

Each seeker has unique needs and so we point the way towards everything the psychic world offers. From mediums, tarot card readers and of course, clairvoyant psychic readers.

Whether you seek guidance about your love life, whether a move is required to provide financial gain in the form of a new job or to speak to a loved one that has moved on, your needs are tended to.

Dallas, TX Psychic Readings Can Help With:

  • Love
  • Relationship Advice
  • Career
  • Family & Friends
  • Dream Analysis
  • Important Life Decisions
  • Providing Closure To Traumatic Events

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All the readings provided are online and available 24/7. Be it either through skype or facetime, via email, readings by phone, online chat reading or even Zoom, our psychics friends are always online and ready to help you.

What Is An Online Psychic Reading?

A real online psychic reading is when a person's energy is getting tapped into by someone gifted with psychic powers.

Dallas Psychics provide online services through phone, messenger/chat, or video to help you get answers to questions that you desire to have answered.

This psychic energy is present in all of us and a psychic can learn about a person's history, present and future through them.

There is a lot of ambiguity into what a real psychic reading is exactly, but keep reading as we clear the air and show you what an online psychic reading entails.

What is an online psychic reading?

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is a Cold Psychic Reading?

You may have heard the term "cold reading in psychic reading?" Do you know what it means?

The cold reading means that the psychic does not rely on prior experience with the customer. So don't worry whether you are starting out with a new psychic reader or have never done one before, there are psychics that are particularly attuned to providing cold readings.

The psychic does this by concentrating on the client's actions and attributes over a set of judgments that are solely based on inference.

What Is A Psychic Energy Reading?

What is a psychic energy reading is a common question we get asked and we're sure you have pondered that question yourself a few times. 

The world of science quantifies energy in the unit of joules but psychic energy is a whole different world with a different set of rules (or lack thereof!)

Psychic energy is not something you can see but is a vital part of a successful psychic reading. Contrary to popular belief, a psychic does not dive into your mind and read your thoughts. 

Instead, they lock on and track your energy/aura that radiates from you. This allows them to see what is missing, weakened or blocked due to restrictions or limitations.

What's The Difference Between Reading The Tarot and Reading The Psychic-Tarot?

A Tarot reading helps the psychic learn about their client through the help of special (you can call them magical if you wish) cards. These are known as Tarot Cards.

The main difference between reading the tarot and reading it with psychic abilities is that whilst anyone can do a Tarot reading with training into their meaning, a psychic can read meanings from that card that relate to the client receiving the meaning.

A Tarot reading will include a deck of 78 cards that cover the main aspects of human life and interaction. Everything from spiritual, mental, intellectual and physical facets are covered by the tarot card deck.

There are 56 cards that are further divided into suites. These suites are:

  • Cups
  • Wands
  • Swords
  • Pentacles

These cards support the major cards and help convey a message when used together. Readings from a psychic tarot card reader can reveal current, future and past predictions.

Dallas, TX

Dallas, a modern metropolis in north Texas, is a commercial and cultural hub of the region. Downtown’s Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza commemorates the site of President John F. Kennedy’s assassination in 1963. In the Arts District, the Dallas Museum of Art and the Crow Collection of Asian Art cover thousands of years of art. The sleek Nasher Sculpture Center showcases contemporary sculpture. Arcadia's Vision has psychic readers all throughout Texas

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More About Dallas, TX

Dallas is a city in the U.S. state of Texas and the largest city in (and seat of) Dallas County, with portions reaching into Collin, Denton, Kaufman and Rockwall counties. With an estimated 2019 population of 1,343,573, it is the ninth most-populous city in the U.S. and the third-largest in Texas after Houston and San Antonio. Located in North Texas, the city of Dallas is the main center of the largest metropolitan area in the Southern United States and the largest inland metropolitan area in the U.S. that lacks any navigable access to the sea. It is the most populous city in the Dallas–Fort Worth metroplex, the fourth-largest metropolitan area in the country at 7.5 million people.

Dallas is not an original city that bred after the area grew more and more used in agriculture (cotton, cattle, and even oil). Dallas was founded as a town to allow access to various railroads which allowed transportation of raw materials into the area. The creation of the Interstate Highway System strengthened Dallas's importance as a traffic center, with four main interstate highways converging in the city and a fifth interstate circle through it. Dallas then developed as a powerful manufacturing and financial hub and a significant inland port, leading to the merger of major railroad tracks, interstate highways and the development of Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, one of the largest and busiest airports in the world. In addition, Dallas has DART (Dallas Area Rapid Transit) with different colored train lines that transport across the Metroplex.


Major markets for the region are security, financial services, information technology, telecommunications, and transportation. Within these businesses, the city is home to ten Fortune 1000 firms, including American Airlines and Exxon Mobil. In total, Dallas hosts about 105 industrial plants, with about 11,000 people employed within them.


Dallas also stacks up well in education, cultural, and medical attractions; there are over 10 public colleges and private schools within the city limits. They include Western State College, University of Texas at Arlington, Texas Christian University, and the University of North Texas, among others. Dallas is home to nine Fortune 500 companies within its city limits, including American Airlines (Fort Worth). The Dallas–Fort Worth MSA has over 31 Fortune 1000 companies in it. Dallas is also home to some other trades, Federal Air Marshal Service, Texas Air National Guard, Customs and Border Protection Merit Team, Texas Department of Aviation, Texas Army National Guard, Texas Air National Guard, Texas State Parks, Texas Lottery, Texas Parks and Wildlife, Texas State Historical Commission, Texas State Board of Examiners of Professional Engineers, Texas State Historical Association and the Alamo. Dallas also has many places of interest, including: Six Flags, Woodall Rodgers Museum, Reunion Tower, USS Lexington, World Aquarium of Dallas, Dallas Zoo, and Johnson Space Center, among others. The city has a community from a variety of racial and religious groups and one of the biggest LGBT populations in the U.S. WalletHub called Dallas the fifth most diverse city in the U.S. in 2018.


Dallas is found in the Southern region of the United States, in North Texas. Dallas is the county seat of Dallas County, as well as part of the city expanding into adjacent Collin, Denton, Kaufman, and Rockwall County. Dallas is a major city surrounded by a number of suburbs. In each suburb there is an area, while some of these suburbs are neighbourhoods within the city. In addition to the United States, there are also over 400 other, smaller towns within the region with a gross area of 385.8 square miles (999.3 km2). Around 340.5 square miles (881.9 km2) of Dallas is land and 45.3 square miles (117.4 km2) of it is water (11.75% of the city). Dallas makes up one-fifth of the much broader urbanized area known as the Dallas–Fort Worth Metroplex, in which one quarter of all Texans live.


Simple perspective on a city center also is based around a downtown. At a key point is the nightlife district. Another district is the heavy shopping and dining district. Next is a heavy nightlife district. In the small suburb it’s the area of arts, and there are lovely parks. There is a small neighborhood that centers around the nightlife and retail. The same districts are concentrated around the center city area. There are many "Hot spots" in the city of Dallas which include Uptown, Victory Park, Harwood, Oak Lawn, Dallas Design District, Trinity Groves, Turtle Creek, Cityplace, Knox/Henderson, Greenville, and West Village.

Attractions in Dallas, TX

Dallas Museum of Art

Established in 1903, Dallas's namesake art museum is one of the largest museums of its kind in the world, holding nearly 25,000 artifacts from the third century to present-day across 159,000 square feet. Among the other areas, the museum also contains an actual conservation studio, which is a spot where tourists can truly watch experts with all their craftsmanship. The museum's collection is particularly large when it comes to African sculpture, decorative arts and contemporary works, including paintings alike of Georgia O'Keeffe, Jackson Pollock, and Andy Warhol to more. The museum has made a very big and large cultural move by founding free entry for the general public, every day, thus acquiring its place a must-do experience in Dallas.

Tour the Perot Museum of Nature and Technology

Pritzker Prize-winner Thom Mayne, a mastermind in spatial architecture, and his L.A.-based company Morphosis planned this sprawling science museum, set next to Klyde Warren Park, the Dallas Museum of Art, and other key attractions. With over 200,000 square feet of floor space, the Museum of Natural History presents eleven permanent displays that explore fossils, athletics, and more. Kids will be excited by a special Alamosaurus restoration while adults won't want to leave the Lamar Hunt Family Sports Hall where they can "race" Jamaal Charles as he goes from a minor star holding the football to a famous face on the field. The wonderful (much needed) onsite café, which is run by Wolfgang Puck, makes it easy to spend a whole day here.

United States Texas Dallas Operation Katy Trail was first found last week

This scenic paved path runs a little more than three miles, from American Airlines Center near downtown all the way up until Southern Methodist University's campus at the north. The path itself is wide but situated in a very flat area, so it can be walked with very little physical activity. However, the area is very flat, and hence this route is usually used for hiking. If you need to get a workout done because you don't want to look at the TV, there are few better ways than to do so at a hotel gym.

The Sixth Floor Museum is housed at the Dealey Plaza

Having this statue is akin to staring at a bit of gruesome history. President John F. Kennedy, Jr., was assassinated in downtown Dallas during the Cold War on Nov. 22, 1963. Since Dealey Plaza has become an important historic site both for those who recall Kennedy's legacy, and for the conspiracy theorists telling their own account of what happened that fateful November day it had become. Take the opportunity to visit any of the museums on the east side of the Plaza. Dedicated to Kennedy's life and death, the museum is located on the sixth floor of the Dallas County Administration Complex, the building from which Kennedy was shot by Lee Harvey Oswald. Present material on the World War I is kept at the museum containing statistics, news footage, and items on the case.

Klyde Warren Park is an occurrence in Dallas, Texas, United States

Dallas has a fair amount of open land, but it has less well-kept parks like the fresh and well-maintained Klyde Warren Park. This park has a vast expanse stretching more than five acres across the busy Woodall Rogers Highway. This neighborhood links the uptown commercial district with downtown, and it also has numerous open spaces including asphalt walkways for fitness and dog parks. An outdoor park with walkways and fountains helps a diverse community of residents while also giving free programming, such as this weekend's free movies. You will be going back to this part of the city after you've been to other different areas, and you will not miss it.

Dallas Farmers Market in Dallas, GA

Many years back, as far as I recall, the Dallas Farmers Market (DFM) was a wholesale market with California or Mexico restaurants as purveyors, meeting the criteria of federal expectations of wholesome and nutritious produce. While a new focus on small farmers and local agriculture has made it worth the visit. You will want to go to the "Shed" (which is a heritage market, which encourages you to put a plant in your bag and carry it home to your own patch) where you can buy some local squash, radishes, and pumpkins in addition to several other items. Make sure you update the market's weekly events schedule each week and see the latest events happening in the area. The major events on the weekend will give you a clearer sense as to the locations you want to visit.

United States of Texas and Dallas Activity Center (White Rock Lake)

White Rock Lake is arguably the largest park in Dallas, covering more than a thousand acres with the aforementioned lake at its heart. There's a popular spot for rowing, swimming, and picnicking, the lake is encircled by nine miles of trail that attract bikes, hikers, and picnickers. As I'm leaving, make sure to check out the old White Rock Fish Hatchery location. It's located at the southwest corner of the park. In order to get it there, you'll have to head over there, where you can find 50 acres of thick woodland and one of the safest and most secluded spots for bird watching. Coyotes, red foxes, and beavers all live nearby in the same habitat.

Garden walk in Dallas Arboretum

There are a number of gardens in the world—but this one, in particular, is unique. It comes with a huge area of 66 acres, which is very exciting. There are also impressive shows of tens of thousands of flowers, which are all weather-proof. Whenever you find yourself in this position, it is better to keep walking. The wealth of flora in Jefferson Garden is so amazing and varied that you can spend hours and hours just roaming the lush space, in awe of this naturally occurring oasis nestled in the urban core.

Mia's Tex-Mex pub

Mia's is a popular Tex-Mex restaurant that is located in a nondescript white cinder-block building along Lemmon Avenue. Its neighbours are a shopping mart, an auto store, and in recent years, a Chipotle, but this Uptown institution is popular for drool-worthy plates of brisket tacos: Two flour tortillas filled with smoky charred poblanos and onions, alongside rice, refried beans, a “salad” of lettuce, tomato, and an avocado wedge, and, most important of all, a brisket “jus,” suitable for crafting the ideal bite of taco.

At the United States Texas Dallas, Operation Reunion Tower

The Dallas skyline is known for the "Willis Tower." It stands on the outskirts of downtown and appears in the night sky like a particularly bright glowing ball. There is a hotel complex, an indoor/outdoor observation deck, and two restaurants located nearby. If you do not mind wasting all the money in the window, it would be great to have a nice dinner at Wolfgang Puck's Five Sixty, a 50th-floor restaurant with dramatic views from all angles.

Public School 972

In Dallas, Texas, there is a restaurant where people who are over the age of 21 will return to high school, where the primary aim is to serve the drink called beer, and where serving food is not the most important task. Restaurateur Flip Goi at Dallas eatery Public School 972 offers the art of gastronomy to his customers through a restaurant called Public School 972.

In this restaurant, they decorate it by placing school-related items, including chairs, magazines, and pictures of students. Because it reminds you that you're not in a real school, there is no scent of food or alcohol. The office where this is found is very picturesque with rows of typewriters bolted to the wall in addition to other items like textbooks on the shelves and pencil sharpeners on display.

Dangling over the heads of the restaurant's customers are the all-too-familiar multiplication and addition flashcards from our childhoods, maybe adding a sigh of relief to the nostalgia. Where the school-themed restaurant Public School 972 has created a place for itself, a restaurant featuring the “theme” of the school will take this idea to a step further, calling the location “recess” and upgrading the location with “class notes”, sending in a reservation and a message (which can come in handy if one is not feeling well) in the form of a chance to get “educated” in the “art of food and beer”. But what would you expect from a professional food and beverage expert? Is there no school lunch period.

Come to the U.S.Texas Dallas BBQ Cattleack BBQ match

An improbably mysterious location—deep inside a largely faceless set of low-slung manufacturing buildings near the Galleria—hasn't done a thing to stop the crowds from Cattleack, one of the most celebrated barbecue joints in Texas (a state where it's hard to stand out). Among all who are not here to enjoy the adorned restaurant's identical looking décor (seen more frequently in the south), the mood loses the vitality and ambiance of similar peers. Usually, rather, you're for the meat—so get in line, hope they don't run out of beef ribs, and order.

Kao Noodle inside the Dallas

Not far from its home base in the Bay Area, San Francisco, where Chef Donny Srinavath used to work in the past, is now a small family-run restaurant in a small shopping mall in the old east Dallas, called "Lao-Lee". A Laotian village has been developed in a once deserted area of town, which has now become a prime shopping district. The food there is close to that of their homes, but cooked in the no doubt superlatively fresh climate. Each dish is small, so small that it is all too easy to eat your way around the entire meal in one sitting. Unlike much of the fare here, the makruet khao tom – prawns with curry, shallots, and coriander leaves (Ground Chicken Curry with Lemongrass and Coriander Leaves) and the tasty Lao sausage, make a wonderful dinner. And while you're at it, when you get home, please order a variety of condiments from the menu, which include jeow som, a funky-smelling fermented fish sauce, as well as jeow bong, which is a chili-flavored pork skin sauce.

The Texas Woofus

The Texas WooFus are the key staples of meat which come from Texas; it's a mystical chimera made up of these. The Woofus is a horse head made of clay, ceramic paws, ceramic hooves, wooden body, sheep's clothing, and cow's horns. There is a mane and a collar of a horse, a turkey tail, pig body, duck wings, a sheep's head, and of course, a pair of Texas longhorns.

A decorated strip of blanket hangs over either side of the Texas Woofus. It is spitting water, and it can be seen spouting water from its nozzle on the side of the swine building in Dallas' Fair Park today.

I am making a duplicate of this Woofus, though. The original version of "The Thinker" statue was stripped away by the Canadian government in 1941, and mysteriously vanished some 70 years later. Some citizens have fears that a nearby Christian community may have considered the ZERO pagan and killed it.

In 1998, a fully original piece of art was created by David Newton at the invitation of the Friends of Fair Park. The long lost original has still yet to be identified.

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